Top 25 Picks - Variety Day '21

Variety Day 2021 was held Friday, August 6th at Plantpeddler in Cresco, IA. It was a beautiful day and we want to thank our sponsors, presenters and everyone that made the trip to see the Trial Gardens! A special thank you to our TITANS of Horticulture for taking the time to get on stage and discuss what they see for the future of the industry. Please click on the variety to view the photo.

1. Petchoa, SuperCal Premium Sunset Orange - Sakata
2. Begonia Hiemalis, Vermillion Red - Beekenkamp
3. Begonia, I'Conia Del Sol - Dümmen Orange
4. Begonia, I'Conia Scentiment Peachy Keen - Dümmen Orange
5. Begonia, I'Conia Lemon Berry - Dümmen Orange
6. Petunia, Blanket Silver Surprise - Green Fuse
7. Petunia, Itsy White - Syngenta Flowers
8. Calibrachoa, Chameleon Frozen ice - Westhoff
9. Coleus, Stained Glassworks Royalty - Dümmen Orange
10. Coleus, Main Street Bourbon Street - Dümmen Orange
Tie 11. Rudbeckia, MiniBeckia Flame - Garden Genetics
Tie 11. Petunia, Crazytunia Mayan Sunset - Westhoff
13. Coleus, Main Street Orchard Road - Dümmen Orange
14. Petunia, Cascadias Pitaya - Danziger
15. Bracteantha, Granvia Gold - Suntory
16. Petunia, Tea Indigo Vein - Beekenkamp
17. Begonia. I'Conia Bacio Orange - Dümmen Orange
Tie 18. Verbena, Lanai Twister Hot Lips - Syngenta Flowers
Tie 18. Thunbergia, TowerPower Red - Westhoff
Tie 20. Begonia, Hiemalis Vermillion Hot Pink - Beekenkamp
Tie 20. Begonia, Solenia Yellow - Benary
22. Celosia, Kelos Candela Pink - Beekenkamp
23. Calibrachoa, Callie Purple - Syngenta Flowers
24. Begonia, I'Conia Upright Salmon - Dümmen Orange
25. Impatiens, SunPatiens Vigorous Lavender Splash - Sakata

Please click here for the PDF of the Press Release:

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