Top 50 List 

Here are the results from the trial gardens that were voted on by you at Variety Day.

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1 Begonia Solenia Yellow Benary 

2 Begonia Hiemalis Vermillion Beekenkamp  

3 Begonia Fragrant Falls Peach Beekenkamp


4 Begonia Solenia Apricot Benary

5 Salvia Skyscraper Pink Selecta One 

6 Begonia Fragrant Falls Lemon Beekenkamp

7 Petunia Headliner Night Sky Selecta One 

8 Begonia Waterfalls Encanto Red Beekenkamp  

9 Coleus Stained Glassworks Golden Gate Dummen Orange  

10 Begonia PedSemps Cherry Blossom Open 

11 Verbena Temari Patio Blue Suntory

12 Begonia Hiemalis Valentino Pink Koppe 

13 Begonia Hiemalis Evi Bright Pink Beekenkamp  

14 Verbena Lanai Premium Twister Watercolor Syngenta 

15 Geranium, Interspecific Calliope Large Rose Mega Splash Syngenta 

16 Begonia Waterfalls Angel Falls Champagne Beekenkamp

17 Verbena Lanai Red Star Syngenta

18 Salvia Sallyfun Deep Ocean Danziger 

19 Begonia Summerwings Dark Elegance Kientzler 

20 Verbena Lascar Hot Rose Selecta One  

21 Lantana Bandana Cherry Imp. Syngenta 

22 Angelonia Alonia Big Snow Ball Danziger  

23 Lobelia Techno Heat Upright Cobalt Blue Syngenta 

24 Begonia Hiemalis Eva BBA  

25 Begonia Solenia Orange Benary

26 Petunia SuperCal Crimson Red Sakata 

27 Kwik Kombo Plum-Tastic Syngenta

28 Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise Syngenta  

29 Geranium, Zonal Maestro Idols Violaceous DO: Oglevee

30 Gaura Belleza Dark Pink Selecta One 

31 Begonia PedWings Looking Glass Plantpeddler 

32 Petunia Amore Joy Danziger 

33 Fuchsia Angel Earrings Snowfire Suntory 

34 Trixi Daisy Dance Selecta One 

35 Petunia Ray Sunshine Danziger 

36 Begonia Summerwings Pink Elegance Kientzler 

37 Callibrachoa Cabrio Yellow Syngenta

38 Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba Westflowers  

39 Petunia Crazytunia Lucky Lilac Westflowers

40 Angelonia Alonia Bicolor Violet Danziger

41 Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose Sakata 

42 Begonia Solenia Scarlet Red Benary

43 Begonia PedSemps Doublet Red Floranova 

44 Petunia Cascadias Autumn Mystery Danziger  

45 Petunia Headliner Rose Star Selecta One  

46 Petunia ColorWorks Rose Star Sakata 

47 Mixis Heaven Scent Danziger  

48 Begonia Waterfalls Angel Falls Soft Pink Beekenkamp  

49 Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts Danziger

50 Verbena Lanai White Syngenta 

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