Cultivate '19

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Are you coming in on Saturday? Here’s a great event to KICK START your Cultivate experience.
Mike is giving a speech encompassing many of his learning experiences throughout the
almost 40 years that Plantpeddler has been in business.

Turning Plants, People, and Predicaments into Profits

During the last few decades of rapid growth, going from a business of 10 employees to a company of 100+ team members,
there have been few challenges in business and production our speaker has not experienced. In an industry with little room for error,
learning techniques on how Plantpeddler has overcome adversity, markets their products, and manages risk while increasing profits, can
be an essential part of your future success. Please join us to learn how to be a business owner and not just a grower, while explaining
mistakes our speaker made along the way that hopefully you can avoid.

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